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Class of 2007


  • Statistically speaking

    In response to the fine weather and Daylight Savings Time, this week's statistics have spring fever. So go enjoy the sunlight and spend some quality time on the Cut. Take your work with you, if you have to.

    Average number of sunny days a year in Kahului, Hawaii: 131

    Average number of sunny days a year in Seattle: 71

    Average number of sunny days a year in Pittsburgh: 59

    News | April 3, 2006
  • Statistically Speaking

    Total length of levees in New Orleans, in miles: 350

    Percent of city covered in water at one point: 80

    Approximate number of college students displaced by Katrina: 100,000

    Lost daily oil output from the Gulf Coast, in barrels: 1.4 million

    Amount of funding previously shifted from FEMA emergency preparedness to ODP counterterrorism:$800 million

    News | September 12, 2005
  • Before using, (re)learn your netiquette

    Welcome to Carnegie Mellon, where every student had an e-mail address before most schools figured out what ARPANET was. For some first-years, coming to CMU opens doors to the unfamiliar world of newsgroups. For others, USENET is as old a hat as Lincoln?s stovepipe. In order to more speedily acclimate the former with these forums of theirs, and in order to refresh the latter (and some older readers...

    Forum | August 29, 2005