Matthew Benusa

Class of 2021


  • SBP Candidate: Ariana Carden

    Ariana Carden, a first-year majoring in chemical and biomedical engineering, has spent the entirety of her college education so far learning remotely from her home in New Jersey; and now, although she has never been to campus, Carden has decided to run for Student Body President.

    News | March 29, 2021
  • Advice for awkward people

    In my sophomore year, I worked on an art film with two friends, and it was a great experience. We smoked cigarettes, shot some footage, and talked for hours about critical theorists like Lacan, Butler, and Derrida (Foucault? More like, Fouc-ko am I right?). Unfortunately, I lack internship experience because I was unable to afford unpaid internships. Plus, I don’t want to do unpaid labor for the c...

    Pillbox | February 15, 2021
  • Advice for awkward people

    A few weeks ago, I signed up to match with someone on subtle CMU dating and cmu.cupid. I know that conservative females are in demand on cmu.cupid, so I DM’d the matchmakers to say that I didn’t really care about political alignment to try to get a match. After some time snapchatting and messaging, I’m start...

    Pillbox | February 8, 2021
  • Movies, Gen Z, streaming, COVID

    In 2020, I saw one movie in theaters, and I didn’t like it. Fortunately, I didn’t feel as though my money was wasted, but the eight dollars I spent to see Parasite is nearly equivalent to the nine dollars I spend to watch Hulu over two months. It’s not just Hulu, either. There’s Netflix, which is nine dollars a month; HBO MAX, which is packaged with AT&T and T-Mobile cell phone plans; MUBI, whic...

    Pillbox | January 13, 2021
  • The debate over Grenell shows CMU's lack of moral strength

    I’ve been hesitant to write about the recent hiring of Richard Grenell when the furor over his hiring really is not, as The Post-Gazette put it, “a unique drama.” As our President put it in one of the numerous responses to the university community, this is an issue that...

    Forum | August 30, 2020