Eshaan Joshi

Class of 2026


  • ̷A̷P̷ ̷ Tartan College Ball Top ̷2̷5̷ 10

    Kyle's Rankings

    1. Georgia
    2. Michigan
    3. Texas
    4. Ohio State
    5. Penn State
    6. Florida State
    7. Southern California
    8. Washington
    9. Oregon
    10. Utah

    Eshaan's Rankings

    1. Texas
    2. Georgia
    3. Southern Cal
    4. Michigan
    5. Florida State
    6. Oregon
    7. Ohio State
    8. Washington
    9. Utah
    10. Notre Dame

    Noticeably not in the Top 10

    1. Alabama
    2. Penn State
    Sports | September 25, 2023
  • Breaking: CMU now just 'good' at CS

    It’s college season, and like a bunch of nerds who never got over our long list of rejections, it’s time to dive into the crapshoot that is the U.S. News College Rankings.

    Forum | September 25, 2023


    Sports | September 18, 2023
  • No Fun League

    This article is for a serious and informative reckoning of the NFL games of the last week or so, including Aaron Rodgers’ injury on the New York Jets last week. I am going to be respectful and make no attempts at comedy.

    At the same time, line y’alls mothers up, Zach Wilson just won a football game!

    Sports | September 18, 2023
  • Strike strikes steel

    United Auto Workers (UAW), one of the largest unions in the United States with almost 400,000 active members, recently went on strike against the so-called “Big Three:” the three large American auto manufacturers, Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. With auto industry profits up almost 90 percent in the last decade, UAW has demanded a 40 percent pay increase for their workers, considering that, ...

    News | September 18, 2023