A. Julian Salzman

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  • Giorgia Meloni and the media

    After a historic national election in Italy, the Monday, Sept. 26 results showed a clear victory for a right-wing coalition led by the Brothers of Italy party. The victory made it almost certain that its leader Giorgia Meloni would be Italy’s first female prime minister.

    Forum | October 3, 2022
  • Warhol Museum premieres new exhibit on Warhol's longest-running project

    When Andy Warhol is invoked, images such as the Campbell’s Soup Can, the Mao portrait, and the Marilyn Diptych immediately come to mind. Yet, the artist who famously popularized the term “15 minutes of fame” to aptly describe our throwaway culture may have his most enduring legacy with “Interview” magazine.

    News | October 3, 2022