Get to know Carnegie Mellon’s club sports teams!

Credit: Valene Mezmin/Editor-in-Chief Credit: Valene Mezmin/Editor-in-Chief

Students at Carnegie Mellon are known for their diverse set of interests, and nowhere is this clearer than in options for club sports. From the more traditional soccer, basketball, and baseball, to anything from cricket to Quidditch, there are countless options to get involved while on campus.
So what are club sports? Unlike varsity sports, club sports are entirely student-run. They establish their own leadership, schedules, and dues, all while keeping up a practice schedule and dedicating themselves to their team and their sport. Experience level by team can vary — some of the more traditional teams may have members who have played for years, while other options like ultimate frisbee or badminton offer a great chance to learn something new while picking up a new passion.


Founded in 2001, the badminton club is a great environment for anyone looking to learn or improve on their badminton skills. The club provides most of the necessary equipment, and for interested players, there are options to register and compete in tournaments.
Campus Contact: Sandy Pan,


The Carnegie Mellon baseball club hosts monthly games and practices throughout the year, and is dedicated to providing a great environment for people across campus to play. Without a corresponding varsity sport, the club baseball team is the primary team on campus.
Campus Contact: Michael Chang,


Club basketball provides an opportunity for students to get involved with the sport, with both practices and competitions throughout the year and a focus on promoting organized and competitive games.
Campus Contact: Tyler Scanlon,


Ranked 13th nationally, the Carnegie Mellon cricket team plays other universities all across the country. Founded in 2008, the team is a member of American College Cricket, and competes annually for the championship.
Campus Contact: Arun Srivatsan,


Accepting students of all skill and experience levels, fencing has been on campus since 2000. Equipment and coaching is provided for all three fencing weapons — foil, épée, and sabre — as well as regular practices. There are three tournaments a year, as well as scrimmages.
Campus Contact: Nicholas Rauen,

Figure Skating

A club dedicated to the competitive side of ice skating, the figure skating club provides on-ice practice opportunities for all members looking to stay involved and in-shape for competitions throughout the year.
Campus Contact: Bethany Rispoli,

Men’s Lacrosse

A member of the Keystone Three Rivers League, the men’s lacrosse team at Carnegie Mellon offers practices and games throughout the year, and was founded in 1990. There is no varsity men’s lacrosse team on campus.
Campus Contact: Kyle Bannerman,

Women’s Lacrosse

The women’s lacrosse team, also without a varsity equivalent, competes mainly in the spring and hosts anywhere from 2-3 practices weekly throughout the year. All skill levels are welcomed, and some equipment can be provided.
Campus Contact: Maija Ranta,

Quidditch Club

An official member of United States Quidditch, the team here at Carnegie Mellon practices twice a week and competes with other teams in the area. Every year, these games culminate in a Regional Championship for a chance to play in the national world cup.
Campus Contact: Kimberly Huang,

Roller Hockey

A co-ed team founded in 2000, the Carnegie Mellon roller hockey team provides a place for members of all skill levels to play recreational or competitive roller hockey. The club provides weekly practices and games.
Campus Contact: Nina Edwards,


The rowing team hosts six practices a week, and competes in regattas across the country in places such as Boston and Philadelphia. With dedicated coaches for each squad, the team is dedicated to improving the skill levels of all their members.
Campus Contact: Vinay Mitta,


Founded in 2000, the rugby team has practices 2-3 times a week, while also participating in regular games. Joining the team requires no experience, and the team has often reached the semifinal round of their conference.
Campus Contact: John Mangual,

Ski Team

Providing both skiing and snowboarding opportunities, the alpine racing club competes for six weekends in January and February, while practicing every Wednesday night. The team was founded in 2005, and competes in the Allegheny Collegiate Ski Conference.
Campus Contact: Marysia Moskal,

Men’s Soccer

The men’s club soccer team, AC Mellon, competes at a high level and plays against other teams in the surrounding area. They practice often and compete on the weekends both at home and at other schools.
Campus Contact: Eamon Levin,

Women’s Soccer

Competing in both the fall and spring semesters, the women’s club soccer team is a member of the Region One Collegiate Club Soccer League, providing competitive games for all members.
Campus Contact:


The swimming team competes and trains throughout the entire year, culminating in three meets. There are twice-weekly practices, as well as a chance to compete in the national championships at the end of the year.
Campus Contact: Jack Dangremond,


As part of USTA’s Tennis on Campus Program, the Carnegie Mellon tennis team competes with local teams throughout the year in both invitational tournaments and scrimmages. Practices are held three times a week.
Campus Contact: Stefan Orton-Urbina,

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

Known as “Mr. Yuk”, the men’s ultimate frisbee team practices three times a week, with two different teams based on time commitment and competitive level. Practices continue throughout the year, as well as competitions in tournaments.
Campus Contact: Alton Olson,

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

The “Money Mellons” are the women’s ultimate frisbee team on campus, and compete throughout the school year in tournaments against other collegiate teams. All levels of experience are welcome.
Campus Contact: Shani Rosenthal,

Men’s Volleyball

Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the men’s volleyball club competes mainly in the spring as a member of the Penn-Ohio Volleyball League. Open gym sessions are held throughout the fall.
Campus Contact: Nick Laikram,

Women’s Volleyball

With practices twice a week, the women’s club volleyball team is a competitive team which typically attends more tournaments in the spring. However, tournaments continue throughout the year.
Campus Contact: Olivia Keller,

Men’s Water Polo

With most league games focused in the fall, the men’s water polo team holds three practices a week. While they compete for the championship in the fall semester, games and invitationals continue into the spring.
Campus Contact: Joao Pereira,

Women’s Water Polo

The Carnegie Mellon women’s water polo team holds three practices a week, one a joint practice with the men’s team. League tournaments are held in the spring, but the team attends invitational competitions throughout the fall.
Campus Contact: Arati Rajeevan,

Don’t see your favorite sport on the list? Look into options into starting your own club and bring something new to the Carnegie Mellon Athletics family. More on club sports, membership contracts, and other information can be found on the Carnegie Mellon Athletics website.