Bar Buddies: Tequila Cowboy

This week I ventured to the North Shore to finally see the place, the myth, the legend: Tequila Cowboy. I had heard tales of the mechanical bulls, the karaoke, and the country music, and finally it was time for me to experience it for myself. Saddle up, because this place is definitely a wild ride.

The location: Tequila Cowboy, located on North Shore Drive is about as North Shore as you can get without getting in the water. It’s right down the street from PNC Park and conveniently placed on a long strip of bars. If you find yourself overwhelmed here, you can venture down McFadden’s, Bar Louie, or even the Southern Tier Brewing Co. (which I an dying to get to). You can also just stroll along the North Shore, but I guarantee if you pop in to Tequila Cowboy, you won’t just be staying for one drink.

The drinks: As you may know by now, I have a tradition of buying one expensive drink at a bar before resorting to a typical mixed drink or cheap beer just so I can say I’ve had one of the bar’s signature drinks. This weekend was no different and Tequila Cowboy did not disappoint. No, I did not have tequila, because I am still abstaining from that devil drink since Bakersfield, so I opted for a mule. Tequila Cowboy’s mule features fresh pureed ginger which made them way too easy to drink. I tried the Nashville Mule with Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey, ginger puree, lime, sprite, and soda water. Of course mules are expensive, so I knew what I was getting into here, but the mixed drinks and beer weren’t too bad in price and taste.

The vibe: There’s a mechanical bull here, do I even need to say more? No, I didn’t get on it because as you can imagine, the line is a bit crazy on a Saturday night, but I had a great time watching others fall off. Growing up in Texas and going to the rodeo to see the real bull rides almost every year, I did feel like it was my responsibility to represent my state well, so maybe you’ll catch me up there next time. There’s also a back section of the bar that feels a bit separate from the front which houses karaoke and a separate bar. Both halves of the bar were equally as exciting and definitely worth stopping by.

Lit or nah: I don’t know if it’s possible for a bar with a mechanical bull not to be lit. It’s also huge and was completely packed so it definitely passes the lit-mus test. If you’re not a country fan, this might not be your place, but honestly it’s so loud that you don’t even realize country music is playing most of the time. There’s also the separate karaoke area that is playing whatever song people are currently singing. From the drinks to the music to the atmosphere, Tequila Cowboy is really a place that lets you grab life by the horns.