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Kendrick Lamar's win breaks Pulitzer Prize's tradition

Lamar’s DAMN. receiving the Pulitzer Prize for Music is a good thing, but the Pulitzers can still do much more to acknowledge and award all types of music and other forms of creation.

Tartan Response to Dury-Agri: The Tartan is not Propaganda

Last week, a letter to the editor was published that characterized one of our articles as propaganda and irresponsible reporting. I would like to respond...

We need to have more conversations about religion at CMU

Conversations about religion might be the most challenging, but are the most rewarding and introspective.

Starbucks' racial bias training is unsettling

While I commend Starbucks for attempting to tackle this issue, it's unsettling that this is a policy that its employees didn't feel like they had to abide by before: treating people with respect.

U.S. farmers fear a crippling trade war

If Trump wants to put "America first," he should reconsider provoking a major trade partner and instead create policies that would actually benefit the working class and those he promised to help.

Letter to the editor: A response to The Tartan

Wilson Ekern and Adam Tunnard presented an important front-page piece in last week's issue of The Tartan, covering a visit from Newt Ginrich two weeks...

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