Crime and Incident

Hit and Run
April 7, 2018
University Police responded to Craig Street after being alerted that a vehicle struck five vehicles parked on South Craig Street. An investigation determined the identity of the driver who was determined to be a non-affiliate and was issued several citations.

Open Lewdness
April 11, 2018
A Carnegie Mellon student reported that she observed a male masturbating while sitting inside his vehicle on Forbes Avenue. An investigation is ongoing.

Suspicious Man
April 11, 2018
University Police received a report that there was a suspicious man in Hamburg Hall. Upon investigating, it was determined that the man was a Carnegie Mellon student.

Theft of Money
April 11, 2018
A Carnegie Mellon student alerted University Police that $40 was unlawfully taken from his wallet. An investigation is ongoing.

Vehicle vs. Pedestrian
April 13, 2018
University Police reported to Fifth Avenue after being alerted that a vehicle had struck a pedestrian. A student was provided with medical attention on scene and transported to the hospital.