Student Government column

The Undergraduate Student Senate’s Internal Development committee has been focusing on the different ways we can give back to our Senators and show them that the work they do is valued. One of the ways we decided on was to create a Senator Spotlight.

The Senator Spotlight allows us to recognize Senators every two weeks for the various influential activities and initiatives they have completed. These Senators are brought up to the front of our general meetings and are given the recognition for the work they’ve done on behalf of the Senate.

Two of the senators being recognized this spotlight are Alexandra Moy and Benjamin Johnson-Staub.

Moy has been recognized for the constant work she put in to the Campus Life committee, as well as the efforts made weekly to engage the student body by tabling for hours every Friday afternoon in the Cohon Center.

Johnson-Staub has also been recognized for this week’s Senator Spotlight. He is a dedicated member to the Senate and is responsible for the conversation with the administration regarding the add/drop deadline. You can contact them at and, respectively.

To personally get involved in Senate you can visit our general body meetings every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Cohon Center Danforth Conference Room. During the first few minutes of every meeting, we allow for audience participation in which you can voice your concerns directly to your representatives. Senate is designed to support the students and to constantly work towards making the undergraduate experience a better one. We work hand in hand with various groups on campus to ensure the creation of a unified and collaborative campus.