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PA-18 results signal national political shift before midterms

As an intern for the Lamb campaign, I had a front-row seat to the action. As I saw it, one of the primary reasons for our victory was the heavily people-powered nature of our campaign.

Even positive stereotypes can create limits and barriers

Positive stereotypes bring about the concept of what it means to be part of the “true race” in culture, or what it means if someone is “not Asian enough” or “not black enough.”

We need mandatory sexual assault education

Carnegie Mellon needs to provide more resources to the Title IX office, make students more aware of how to file a report, and enforce mandatory sexual assault training.

13 Reasons Why, welcome to your tape.

Underneath the pretense of raising awareness of mental health and suicide lies a dangerous message that has already negatively impacted viewers.

Being financially illiterate will impede future successes

Financial literacy is important for more reasons than just being able to comprehend the national discourse: it directly affects us in numerable tangible ways.

Betsy DeVos fails her 60 Minutes interview

Devos’s interview was abysmal, embarrassing, and confusing. She deflected, contradicted herself, and stumbled through the interview like an amateur.

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