Bar Buddies: Industry Public House

There’s nothing better than a venue that serves both artisanal drinks and giant portions of food for a weekend night. Situated on Butler Street, Industry Public House has an expansive facade that you can’t miss. It’s almost entirely covered by windows, making it easy when window-shopping for places to chill and drink. When I found out the place is also known for its large selection of alcohol, I stopped by Industry Public House in Lawrenceville to see what all the fuss was about.

First of all, the space is huge, and the vibe was definitely happening. The dark decor gave a really cozy setting, and the crowd was an eclectic mix of young professionals, couples, families, and party groups.

It eventually got pretty packed, which is impressive given its huge space and many seating choices. The bar has a lot of room for movement and mingling, which makes it a hot commodity for visitors.

As the night wore on, it got more and more crowded. I wouldn’t have minded, but that’s when the service became lackluster as well. Be prepared to use your assertiveness when flagging down waiters or bartenders here. The situation wasn’t too terrible, though, because I spent my time waiting by chowing down on one of their flatbreads. It definitely has a better quality of bar food than the usual suspects, but with a better standard comes a prettier penny to spend.

I ordered the Rhuby Rhuby Rhuby cocktail, which is a mix of blackberries, lemon, basil, and rhubarb liqueur. It was a perfect mix of tart, sweet, and savory. If cocktails aren’t your thing, they have a great selection of craft beers, whiskey, and other spirits. Their drinks menu is exciting, with a lot of great contenders, and the bar is decked with bottles. I would probably choose the drinks over the food here, if given the choice.

One last comment is the pricing, which can get pretty steep depending on what you order. The food, though portioned generously, is a little expensive for the college student looking for a good time. I’d recommend taking advantage of their happy hour. From 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, you get $2 off all draft beers and a flat rate of $7 for all cocktails, as well as discounted flatbreads and burgers. That way, you can enjoy the space without worrying about emptying your wallet.

Definitely worth the trip, though.