Student Government column

Elections are right around the corner, and student government at Carnegie Mellon is a great way to get involved on campus and make an impact on the community. This year, student government has had a substantial effect on our campus, including but not limited to :

• Pushing the add/drop deadline to six weeks instead of two, as the administration proposed
• Facilitating the early release of final exam schedules
• Creating a Chrome extension that integrates Faculty Course Evaluation directly into SIO
• Opening up the Tartan Collaborative Commons (TCC) on the 3rd floor of the Cohon Center

If you are passionate about improving campus life at Carnegie Mellon, if you have ideas on what can be done better, if you believe that we as a community can do better — or if you’re just interested in free food, elegant wear, and thoughtful discussion — student government is a great way to turn this passion, drive, and ideas into sustainable change. There are many roles available including Student Body President, Student Body Vice President of Organizations, and Senator. We’ll be having a general interest meeting on Feb. 26 at 5:30 p.m. in Doherty Hall 1212 to go over how to set up petitions and run for office. We hope to see you there!