Advice for Awkward People

Dear Jade,

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I already know it is going to SUCK. My friends are either pining for someone and being all mushy about it, or they’re in loving, committed relationships. And then you have me, still hurt from the last time I put my feelings out in the open and not in the mood to do it again. More importantly, I’ve somehow gotten pushed into a strange position where my friends keep turning to me for relationship advice even though I’ve never been in an actual relationship. Maybe I should feel honored or touched, but for the most part I’m starting to remember all these feelings that I don’t really wanna touch again in a long time. And I really don’t know how to get out of that headspace. Can you give me a single gal’s survival guide for Valentine’s Day?

Somehow I’m Not Getting Love Ever


I know what it’s like to not want to think about love and to pretend those feelings just don’t exist. You’re still hurting and every other person that’s in a relationship seems like they’re only doing it to mock you. While you know this isn’t true and that the people you walk past on the street holding hands don’t know you exist, it still feels like a personal attack. I won’t lie to you and say that being single is the best thing ever, because it’s not fun after you’ve been taken through the wringer with love. But just because being single might not be all that fun for you right now, that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day has to suck.

I’ve always been a fan of the holiday regardless of my relationship status. Take advantage of this day to wear your cutest pink and red outfit, go to Starbucks and get that pink drink, and fill your heart with the love you have for everyone around you, whether it’s friends or family. I love a lot of people and it’s nice to think about that on Valentine’s Day.

The single gal’s guide doesn’t always have to be a ten page guide on how to go out in your hottest outfit with all your single friends and post pics that will make your ex text you at 3 a.m. Sometimes it’s just reminding yourself that love exists outside of the person that broke your heart and remembering that you will find that again.

But if you decide to go down the going out route, a few drinks and a hot outfit helps too.


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