Student government column

The Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Student Senate is hosting Spring 2018’s Senate Week from Feb. 12 to Feb. 16. This semester, the theme for Senate Week is “Reflections,” one that we believe will augment student life, culture, and growth here at Carnegie Mellon. This is a week not only to reflect upon our experiences as students from a plethora of socio-economic backgrounds, but also to self-examine the entire student experience at Carnegie Mellon, from housing to dining to extracurriculars to different organizations — each and every single student can make a difference if they choose to do so.

Every single day of Senate Week has a different focus — on Monday, students can chat with Senators about current undergoing initiatives and can give feedback regarding the aforementioned. On Tuesday, feel free to visit the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to participate in panels and discussion with Advocacy about how we can start making an impact on student lives concerning social issues. On Wednesday, the Campus Life and Finance committees are spearheading an organization spotlight to allow students to explore the various aspects of student life on campus. Or just come visit the Senate Table for the food!

The Business Affairs Committee is hosting an open forum this Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Dowd Room in the Cohon Center. This is a great opportunity for students to convey their thoughts regarding a multitude of issues to their representatives — from Dining Services to how an internship is structured in conjunction with a student’s academics. The Academic Affairs Committee is also hosting an Open Forum this Friday in Doherty Hall 1212 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Here, students can chat with senators concerning issues such as the new course policies or ensuring a better, smoother, and more informed course registration process. Don’t forget all the free swag you can get at our events and don’t forget to look for the Senate table in the Cohon Center or on the Cut this week.

In addition, this semester, the Student Senate is proud to announce that with over 40 representatives in Senate, this is undoubtedly the most diversified Senate in many semesters and we encourage even more students to participate and express their thoughts and ideas to help improve any and every aspect of life here at Carnegie Mellon.