Letter to the Editor: A response to "Anti-science: a global threat"

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On Dec. 2 Frank Hu published "Anti-science: a global threat," where he proposed debating climate change skeptics- ostensibly to convert them. I emailed him and included a teaser: I used to be very worried about CO2 emissions, and have changed my mind. I also cited a couple of the numerous reasons why I have done so. There has been no reply from Hu, not even a "I'm neck deep in finals and will get back to you." I infer, then, that Hu's interest is not in debate or informed discussion between open minds, but rather in proselytizing to the heretics. And heretics we are; there are public calls for believers like myself to be arrested, tried, imprisoned, and even executed. One wonders if the last would be by burning at the stake, a fitting homage to a prior inquisition also created by questioning the priesthood.

My principle reason for having changed my mind was the fact that climate "scientists" refuse to share their data and methodologies. Independent verification of data, data collection, analysis methods, and not silencing - but rather answering - critics are all foundational requirements of a valid scientific theory. Yet Warmists have outright threatened to delete their data rather than having it examined by those outside the clique.

A second reason is data fraud. Multiple instances of overt manipulation changing temperature trends from negative to positive exist. Animated graphs abound, e.g., at, showing how data has been adjusted to amplify, if not completely fabricate, increasing temperature trends. One graphic at that site highlights how tens of thousands of square miles of land - never mind water - have no temperature monitoring sites at all, but we are
assured that temperatures there are record-setting.

Lastly, a valid theory can be proven false. But with the Holy Writ, it doesn't matter - warmer, colder, wetter, drier, stormier, or calmer, all are taken as
proof. This violates the falsifiability standard. I highly recommend and in addition to the above. I also recommend the books "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change," "Human Caused Global Warming," and "A Disgrace to the Profession."

David Hunt, Masters 1993, was a Tartan columnist during his time at Carnegie Mellon