Brunch Buddies

Crêpes Parisiennes is a place I really should go to more often, but I can never find the time to do so. People often say it’s one of the best crepe places they’ve been to, and I know they’re right! It was only when I ran into a couple of friends one afternoon who also had not eaten lunch that I made my first visit to Crêpes Parisiennes in a long time.

The location: The place is right on Craig Street, which makes it easily accessible and convenient. It is pretty small and looks it from the outside, especially with the lone table placed for outdoor seating. Crêpes Parisiennes is also a little distant from the group of restaurants that are situated together, so you’ll have to walk a little further down Craig to get to it.

The vibe:Classy. Crêpes Parisiennes is definitely classy. When you’re sitting in there, it really feels as if you’re sitting in a cafe in Paris. Of course, I’m no expert on Parisian cafes, but the vibes the eatery gives off are very comforting and cozy. The small space definitely creates a nice intimate setting where you can easily bring your laptop to do work or relax with a good book.

The food:The crepes are pretty good. If you’re looking for quality crepes, I would definitely recommend coming here. They do serve a good variety of both savory and sweet crepes, and there are also non-crepe options. What’s great is that whatever you decide to order will be decently priced and filling. In regards to the crepes, the sweet ones are stuffed with just the right amount of filling, while the savory ones always come with a side salad. During my visit, I ordered a sweet crepe with Nutella and berries, deliciously topped with whipped cream and walnuts. It really was a wonderfully satisfying treat to have (and yes, that was all I had for lunch that day).

Lit or Nah: I’m not sure if I would classify Crêpes Parisiennes as “lit,” but I definitely see it as one of the best places to have brunch. The whole atmosphere is so relaxing, the crowd and workers are really nice, and the food is good too! You’ll surely leave this place feeling very satisfied. If you ever feel the need to go to a cute classy cafe, know that there’s one right by campus!