Top fantasy teams continue to thrive

Credit: Courtesy of Keith Allison via Flickr Wikimedia Commons Credit: Courtesy of Keith Allison via Flickr Wikimedia Commons

As this week’s loser, your resident Photo Editor is here to pick up the recap. Bear with me as I try to navigate the Tartan Fantasy’s results for the first time. Despite my unexpected loss, it looks like I’m holding fast to my third place ranking.

Last Manning Standing over TARTAN FANTASY, 83.54 to 71.80

It was a sore loss this week for my team TARTAN FANTASY, defeated by Publisher Caleb Miller, who team, Last Manning Standing, has a solid 4-1 record, bumping him to the top of the rankings. Meanwhile, TARTAN FANTASY had a rough week, finishing dead last in the rankings, with Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard letting me down hard with zero points. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott disappointed by failing to beat projections, scoring only 8.40 points for TARTAN FANTASY. Last Manning Standing’s team has had a strong showing this season, with his starters raking in wins.

futbol over Gin and Bear It, 94.08 to 86.94

This week, Visual Editor Tracy Le’s team futbol took down our perpetually unlucky Sports Editor, Marika Yang, so let’s all enjoy the irony as Yang continues to sit in last place in the rankings. It’s hard to believe our resident sports enthusiast is the underdog of the season with a record of 1-4, but as they say, “it really do be like that sometimes.” Le’s team is sitting at fourth place in the rankings, but things are looking up for futbol, as it took a 15.00 lead on Thursday to speed ahead of Gin and Bear It. With Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson’s two touchdowns bringing in 19.10 points and Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon finishing with a solid 17.50 points, team futbol managed to compensate well for the disappointing 0.00 points Greg Olsen pulled in.

Team Gin and Bear It’s loss can be chalked up to the underwhelming 4.10 points scored by Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch — a fraction of the 12.45 points he had been projected to score — giving Yang a slim but disappointing loss.

mmichelle123 over Slugs, 128.82 to 92.68

Pillbox Editor Michelle Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123 crushed Operations Manager Adam Tunnard’s team, Slugs, with the third highest score this season: 128.82 points. Madlansacay beat expectations, getting 38.3 percent more points than the projected 93.12 her team was expected to achieve. This lucky turn of events has brought up Madlansacay two spots to fifth in the rankings, a fortunate save considering she was hovering near the bottom, at 7th, just a week ago. Slugs met expectations, but a solid 92.68 was still not enough to prevent his descent into sixth place.

GOAT But Ironically over newz 129.24 to 84.02

This week Assistant Pillbox Editor Izzy Sio’s team (newly renamed) GOAT But Ironically got the last word by destroying News Editor Nora Mattson’s team newz in the second-highest scoring win of the season. GOAT But Ironically was carried to victory by Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and Indianapolis Colts tight end Eric Ebron, who collectively scored 79.34 points for Sio. Brady lives up to his name by hitting his highest point total so far with 27.54 points, and Gurley came in strong as well with the second-highest point total of the league. This strong performance put GOAT But Ironically at an advantage with the second-largest point gap win of the Tartan Fantasy League. Unfortunately, this win was not enough to bring Sio up in the rankings, leaving her sitting at 7th. Mattson’s team newz scored a mediocre 84.02 points, dropping to second place. Her strongest scorer was New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, who scored 24.90 points.

Next week in Week 6, the Tartan Fantasy League matchups feature league-leading Miller’s team Last Manning Standing facing off against last-place team, Yang’s team Gin and Bear It, while my team TARTAN FANTASY will take on Tunnard’s team Slugs. Le’s team futbol will meet Mattson’s team newz, while it’s a battle for Pillbox when Sio’s team challenges Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123.