Brunch Buddies: The Porch

This past Saturday, I decided to take some time for myself and go out to brunch. While some people may think that eating alone can be a bit sad, I think it can be quite comforting. If you like people-watching, you can surely do a lot of that and also give yourself time to just think (and eat!). For this brunch outing, I decided to go to The Porch.

The location: The Porch is pretty close to campus, which makes it a very convenient spot to eat. What I appreciate most about its location, Schenley Plaza, is that it feels and looks as if you're in a completely different area of Pittsburgh, even though it's only a 15-minute walk from campus. The grass, trees, and outdoor seating of the whole area always give me good vibes, and I love seeing families and students leisurely walking around and enjoying themselves.

The food: In the past I went to The Porch only at night, specifically for their amazing weekday half-off pizza deals! I've always loved their pizzas and unique toppings, but I've also wanted to try mixing it up and order different things on their menus. Going for brunch at The Porch definitely gave me the opportunity to do that. I didn't order anything extravagant, but something rather simple and balanced in flavors: crispy taters and warm biscuits. I was really craving the salty and sweet combination, and the meal surely did not disappoint. The three biscuits they served were crunchy on the outside and very fluffy and buttery on the inside. The biscuits came with apple butter, jam, and regular butter, so I could have some flavor variety in each bite. The crispy taters were crunchy and salty, and they were served with a delicious (and mildly spicy) curried ketchup on the side. Overall, I found my meal to be pretty satisfying and tasty!

The vibe: Because it was family weekend, there were lots of families eating at The Porch. It gave off such wonderful vibes and feelings to be around people who were happy to be there together. In general, The Porch is a popular eating location for families and elders, so I think the familial and relaxed atmosphere is something you can always expect to have.

Lit or Nah: I wouldn't describe The Porch as lit. I've always seen it as a very family-friendly place to eat at, where it's possible for you to feel even just a little bit at home. And that's obviously not a bad thing! Everything at The Porch is simply feel-good, and it's important to visit places like that every once in a while.