Crime and Incident

Public Urination
Oct. 6, 2018
Officers were unable to locate a man who was reportedly peeing off of the balcony of Margaret Morrison Apartments.

Alcohol Amnesty
Oct. 7, 2018
An intoxicated student was evaluated by EMS at Morewood Gardens. No citations were issued due to alcohol amnesty.

Personal Information Telephone Scam
Oct. 7, 2018
A student met with University Police to help investigate a scam call she had received for personal information over the phone from a fake government agency.

Theft/Access Device Fraud
Oct. 7, 2018
A student reported his wallet, sweat shirt, and sweatpants were stolen from a tent during buggy practice. The student’s credit cards were used for multiple fraudulent purchases in the Oakland area.

Theft/Suspicious Male
Oct. 8, 2018
A man who was stopped by University Police after a student reported that he had stolen his belongings, was discovered to have been involved in an earlier theft on campus. The man was charged and taken to jail.

Oct. 9, 2018
Lab equipment was stolen from Scott Hall. An investigation is ongoing.

Telephone Scam
Oct. 10, 2018
University Police met with a student who was scammed for money from a fake foreign police department. An investigation is ongoing.

Motorcycle vs. Bicycle
Oct. 10, 2018
A motorcycle collided with a bicycle on Fifth Ave. near WQED. Both non-affiliates were provided medical attention by EMS and exchanged information.

Indecent Exposure
Oct. 13, 2018
University Police and City of Pittsburgh police responded to the area of Craig Street and Forbes Avenue after being alerted of a man inappropriately touching himself in front of two students. Officers were unable to locate the man. An investigation is ongoing and a crime alert has been issued to the campus community.