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Recreation of horsepox vaccine sparks public outcry

The paper’s publication in an open-source journal could potentially further the threat of a smallpox outbreak via a bioterrorist attack.

New center headquartered at CMU will build smarter networks to connect edge devices to the cloud

Computing on Network Infrastructure for Pervasive Perception, Cognition, and Action (CONIX) is a $27.5 million initiative by the Semiconductor Research...

Secret hominin femur still an anthropological mystery

It’s impossible for anthropologists to be certain whether Sahelanthropus walked upright, because no Sahelanthropus leg bones have ever been discovered. Or have they?

SciTech Briefs

This week scientists discover 10 new defense mechanisms used by bacteria, ways to clone primates using the same technique that was used to clone Dolly and that plastic hastens coral reef disease.

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