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Trump's presidency: a year in review

Politics has never been a topic in which clean and clear solutions are made; the saying "never discuss politics or religion in polite company" has existed for as long as it has for a reason.

Lectures with concrete examples improve students' learning

Starting with interesting, real-world applications of a topic signals to students that the broader, more boring, abstract explanations are worth suffering through.

Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Reflects Undemocratic Republican Tendencies

Gerrymandering is an effort undertaken by Republicans as they desperately hold on to an electorate that is growing younger and more and more displeased with modern conservative governance.

Student activities fee determination needs work

If we are serious about improving everyone’s experience at Carnegie Mellon at an affordable price, we must reform how we determine the activities fee.

MeToo movement deserves greater coverage

Arguably the worst thing that could happen to the #MeToo movement would be to stifle the coverage that has prompted so much reevaluation on a societal scale.

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