Student Government column

Student Senate is currently making preparations to continue the First Lectures series in the upcoming semester. The First Lectures series seeks to encapsulate the spirit of Carnegie Mellon by giving the graduating class a platform to share their diverse experiences, stories, and wisdom with the rest of the university.

The First Lectures was started by Senate in the spring of 2014 to mirror the spirit of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, a book given to all incoming freshmen to discuss during Orientation, and for many, an integral part of the Carnegie Mellon University experience.

Rohini Sinha, a Senator planning the events, hopes that while listening to the speakers at this upcoming First Lectures series, the audience can be reminded of the lessons they have learned from reading the book and recapture the optimism and courage to pursue childhood dreams that it so strikingly captured. She hopes that the First Lectures series this year will similarly inspire and connect the Carnegie Mellon community.

“It’s exciting to me because it’s nice to have these graduating seniors talk about what they’ve learned at Carnegie Mellon and pass that knowledge onto the rest of the student body,” says Sinha.
The series consists of three hour-long events, with two graduating seniors telling their stories at each event. They are currently scheduled for three Thursdays in the spring semester, on Feb. 22, March 22, and April 26.

The Committee on Campus Life of Student Senate has already finished collecting nominations and is in the process of contacting those who were nominated to submit preliminary speech outlines. It will hold auditions next semester, with choices being based on how interesting, engaging, and unique each story is. This semester, there will be an emphasis on choosing a diverse set of stories to capture as much of what Carnegie Mellon University is and what it means to its community as possible.

This event has been massively successful in previous years, with roughly fifty people attending each of the three events. Student Senate will be once again using Facebook Live to allow people who cannot make it to the events to tune in and listen to the experiences of the speakers. To make sure you catch them, follow Carnegie Mellon Student Senate on Facebook. Also, keep an eye out on the page for announcements on which speakers were chosen and Facebook events!

Please direct any inquiries, comments, or concerns about this event to Rohini Sinha at