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Facebook joins Taliban, ISIS in ignoring value of Muslim lives

We can’t say some lives matter more than others, or let distance from a tragedy obscure the humanity.

Whole Women’s Health seeks right to abortions

The fate of women’s reproductive freedom in America rests on the decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

Letter to the Editor: CMU Tuition

The Roosevelt Institute at CMU, a student-run branch of the New York City based Roosevelt Institute has found that Carnegie Mellon has lost over $39 million in interest rate swap deals since 2004.

$15 wage steps in right direction, falls short of liveable

Instituting the long-term minimum wage hike last year in Los Angeles to $15 seemed like a no-brainer. But what people need to realize is that $15 should not be the stopping point.

Mental health needs personalized problem solving, not buzz words

Mental health care is not a one and done deal, it requires the community and professionals to work together to provide support.

A message from The Tartan Board regarding Natrat

At The Tartan, we want to play our part and address the recent tragedies with the respect that they deserve. As a result, we’re making a change to this week’s paper that we’d like to explain.

Threshold voter laws foster participation, democracy

Threshold voter laws have become a controversial topic, and many argue that if someone is able to vote in the general election, they should have some say in their party’s nominee.

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