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Jelani Cobb connects racial relations of the past to those faced in society today

Author, historian, and educator William Jelani Cobb speaks to the Carnegie Mellon community about race issues in America today and how they connect to those of the past.

Students "Give from the Heart" at university blood drive

This week Carnegie Mellon University held a "Give from the Heart" themed blood drive. Read about the importance of giving blood and the impact it has.

Chinese New Year 2016 Ushers in the Year of the Monkey

Feb. 8 marked the first day of the 2016 Chinese New Year. Asian organizations at Carnegie Mellon planned a "Chinese New Year Extravaganza" to celebrate.

CMU responds to questions about upcoming transportation fee increase

The Tartan sat down with two Carnegie Mellon representatives in order to seek answers to the 20 percent spike in the 2016-2017 transportation fee.

Crime and Incident

Read the crime and incident reports at Carnegie Mellon from this week.

Campus News in Brief

Carnegie Mellon professor Kevin Zollman discusses his new book The Game Theorists Guide to Parenting. Also, Patrick Wilson returns to Carnegie Mellon to direct The Full Monty.

International News in Brief

Read about the news happening around the world.

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