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Uber, Lyft competition drives rates off a cliff

Like many students, I flew back to Pittsburgh after winter break. Upon arriving at the airport I found the 28X to be full, and a line of people were wrapped...

College life gives rise to generation gap debate, growth

Becoming an adult means not blindly agreeing. It means having an open mind to new ideas, but not being afraid to challenge those ideas when they don’t align with your convictions.

Third party Bloomberg candidacy guarantees conservative President

If Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Runs as a Third Party Candidate for President, he will guarantee a President Trump

Personal privacy casualty of fight against terrorism

About three years ago, the issue of mass surveillance emerged from government offices and entered mainstream conversation for the first time. Edward Snowden,...

Primary frontrunners doom GOP

If the leader of the Republican party does not fit into what the general population feels should be done will die out and another party will rise and take its place beside the Democratic Party.

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