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How to deal with final exams stress in college

In the aftermath of the election results and with finals week upon us, stress levels are probably soaring high right now. And the truth is — that’s fine.

Female musicians limited by sexism

We talk about glass ceilings in politics, in STEM fields, and in the military, but one field that is often overlooked is music.

U.S. must stop stalling global women's rights

In a time when women’s rights were threatened across the globe, CEDAW was meant to help push positive change worldwide...The United States never ratified it.

Energy, environment, civil rights collide in Standing Rock protest

As clean-cut as this story may appear — a big, heartless oil company bulldozing sacred ground, and the small Native American tribe standing up to protect it — there are many nuances to the reality.

Local government can protect citizens from hostile feds

Luckily, American government is intentionally decentralized. Total control of the federal government is a lot of power, but our local governments form a line of defense from an unimpeded Trump.

$15 minimum wage kills jobs, burdens economy

The nationwide “Fight For $15” movement hit its first major milestone last month when it managed to push McDonald’s into announcing that it would be rolling out touchscreen self-ordering kiosks.

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