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DDoS attack noticeably compromises mainstream websites

This week, Pugwash discussed the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that struck the internet recently, and how cyber security is not just a technological issue, but also a societal one.

SciTech Briefs

This week, learn about heart regeneration, faster 3D and 2D printers, personalized treatments, plants as explosive detectors, a new-model of the earth-moon system and e-cigarettes.

Shazam phone app redefines music

This week in How Things Work, discover how Shazam works. Learn about how it identifies songs.

Carnegie Mellon, Yale develop new gene-editing sytem

A CMU-Yale research team develops a new gene-editing system that uses bio-compatible nano-particles that are made of PNAs ( peptide nucleic acids) and donor DNA.

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