Credit: Diane Lee/ Credit: Diane Lee/ Credit: Diane Lee/ Credit: Diane Lee/

Put me in a box
Wrapped with a pretty little bow
Tell me who I am
Because I sure as hell don't know,

Tell me why I should stay
Live on this melancholy Earth
Tell me why I should listen
And what your words are worth.

So put me in a box,
Make it pretty, wrap it tight.
Tell me that I'm normal
That I [ITAL]should[ITAL] be quite alright.

Put a ribbon on me
Let the sunlight catch my skin
Tell me I'm a child of God
And cover up my sin.

Try to make me normal
Try to hide my darkened soul
Make me a perfect image
Say my heart is made of gold.

We both know what you're trying to do
We know you won't succeed
Because under all of your trying
Is a monster you need to feed.

You want to explain yourself
Try to talk to me
Say you're sorry
You're not sorry

Say your empty words
I'll listen, don't worry
Only because I'll think it's funny
And I need a laugh, these days.