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Politicians must accept climate change or suffer consequences

Donald Trump has an extensive history of calling climate change a ‘hoax’. Somehow I cannot find conceivable evidence to support his touted claim.

Gwen Ifill remembered as influential journalist

This week, journalists and broadcasters are mourning the loss of Gwen Ifill, who, as a journalist, carved a path as a black woman in a field dominated by white men.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Power of CMU Students

Let’s assume you respect women, believe in racial equality, value democracy, and care about honesty, decency, and basic human kindness. How can you fight for those beliefs and values?

America needs empathy, not division

The fact that we remain unwilling to listen to others means that our country may be harder to heal than anyone wants to imagine.

Allegheny detention center violates basic human rights

The staggering degree of the actions that Shuman employees have committed against the facility’s juvenile residents bring into question whether this provisional license is an effective consequence.

The Tartan stands committed to freedom of speech

In the wake of this election cycle and in the face of Trump’s presidency, The Tartan will continue to strive to uphold our duty, and we hope to see the same from other news sources.

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