Strip Crawl

Traffic along the strip district slowed to a crawl this past Saturday as Pittsburgh residents and Carnegie Mellon students came to enjoy the various vendors that crowded the streets. The Carnegie Mellon Student Senate organizes the Strip Crawl event on a yearly basis, in order to give Carnegie Mellon students a chance to explore the various cultures housed by the Strip District. Carnegie Mellon students received discounts from participating vendors, which included delis like DeLuca's, as well as sweet shops and some artisan wares. Highlights of this year's Strip Crawl include:

Karen's Kind Beads
This quirky little store is made up of entirely handmade items which range from earrings to necklaces to knitted scarves. Every piece was beautifully made with care. The founder of the shop began making the crafty wares five years ago, and hopes that people who buy them will wear them happily and in good health.

DeLuca's Diner
As a self-proclaimed foodie, I couldn't help myself from eating something throughout this food-laden event. DeLuca's Diner is not to be missed on the list of affordable and amazing places to eat. They offer a wide variety of comfort foods, and they absolutely rock their breakfast menu. As you're already in Pittsburgh, take the plunge and stuff yourself sometime soon.

Lilly's Sweet Bakery
I had to have a buddy keep me from buying literally everything in this bakery. Every pastry and icing-covered item looked absolutely heavenly and tasted fantastic to boot. If you want the best sugar high you've ever had, definitely make a stop there.

Klavon's Ice Cream
Stepping inside Klavon's is like taking a giant time hop back to the world of the 1930s. With their revolving bar stools and stainless steel equipment, you'll be shocked that there isn't a Wurlitzer jukebox in the corner. On top of the aesthetic and atmosphere, they also offer a range of ice cream flavors, sundaes, and if you're feeling a bit old fashioned, floats.

Bradley's Book Outlet
This book shop is quaint and a gem for students who love to read and don't want to be broke. Bradley's sells discounted books of all kinds, as they have been for the past 20 years. They always have deals and coupons popping up, so if you're a bookworm, drop by.

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange
If you're a coffee addict, then this is the place for you. Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange has been located in the Strip District for over fifty years! They offer gourmet teas and coffees, as well as regular blends if you're not feeling quite as adventurous. On top of delicious coffee and tea, their atmosphere is cozy and comforting, and I found it very hard to leave once I stepped through the door.

Roxanne's Dried Flowers
This gorgeous shop creates a variety of colorful and decorative items that are reasonably priced, and they make them all year round! If your dorm room starts getting a tad gloomy this Pittsburgh winter, definitely visit Roxanne's to give it a pop of color.

This does not even begin to cover the massive number of amazing places the Strip District has to offer. It is a beautiful and culturally dense part of Pittsburgh. If you're new to the city, or even if you just haven't been there in a little while, spend a day in the Strip District and see what the city really has to show you. And of course, eat ALL of the food. It's fantastic.