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Tipped workers deserve security of minimum wage

In the fall of 2015, Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group and founder of Shake Shack, announced his intention to eliminate tipping at all 13 of his New York restaurants.

Undemocratic Electoral College needs overhaul

As we approach the election, I will discuss a few related topics that very much need their own columns. To kick things off, we have a doozy this week – the Electoral College.

Voter registration ends tomorrow, get registered

Tomorrow Oct. 11 is the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania. It’s imperative that everyone, regardless of party affiliation or political preference, is able to make their voice heard.

Montreal pit bull ban demonizes dogs, violates animal rights

This past Wednesday, a judge in Montreal struck down a ban on pit bulls.

Death penalty disregards human life

Human life is precious, and we as a people and as a government have a duty to protect it. Except, apparently, the lives of criminals.

Doctors misdiagnose patients due to bias, risk serious harm

“It’s nothing — she’s a girl, and girls over-exaggerate their pain!”
One month later and I was committed to a wheelchair for the next five months.

Polish women protest unethical abortion ban

On Monday, about 30,000 men and women flooded the streets of Warsaw, Poland filling Castle Square in protest against a proposed blanket abortion ban.

Choosing pronouns cannot be a joke

In an attempt to address inclusion, the University of Michigan rolled out a decision last week allowing its students to choose their preferred designated pronoun.

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