What's New?

Room selection application process
Housing and Dining Services has launched a new online portal application process in the hopes that Room Selection 2013 will be faster and more efficient. All eligible students can participate in Room Selection for the 2013–14 academic year via the housing portal at http:/www.cmu.edu/housing/roomselection.

Room retention policies
Students wishing to retain their current rooms must fill all vacancies in their room, suite, or apartment through pull-ins. Students who retain but fail to fill vacancies will be paired with other residents in half-filled rooms, meaning that said students will either be assigned a new room or a new roommate who also failed to fill vacancies. The “Roommate Profile” section of the housing portal application at https://web.campusservices.cmu.edu/housing/roommates/index.html can be used to find other students looking for roommates.

Housing rates
Housing rates for the 2013–14 academic year are expected to increase by 4–6 percent, depending on the location, with the reservation fee at $400 a year. Final rates are available on the Housing and Dining Room Retention website at http://www.cmu.edu/housing/roomselection/forms/13-14rates.pdf.

Individual room selection
Students participating in room selection as individuals can only select either a single room (if available) or an available space in a partially filled room or apartment. If no partially filled room options are available, the student can sign up for Open Assignment. Housing and Dining Services suggests that students participate in room selection with a roommate to ensure the widest range of room options available.

Potential changes for the 2013–14 academic year
* The second floor of West Wing House may not be available for retention during next year’s room selection.
* Students with private or semiprivate bathrooms may be responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms starting at the beginning of the next academic year.
* Phone lines will continue to phase out in individual rooms of all residential buildings. Phone lines in building’s staff rooms and common areas will remain to be used for emergency purposes.