Senate Minutes

Elections board

Five members of the Undergraduate Student Senate along with Graduate School Assembly representatives were elected as chairs of the elections board. These individuals will oversee the student body elections process. This board will have support from people specializing in technology as well as in the relevant rules and regulations.

Spring break trip funding discussion

Student Senate funding of spring break travel expenses was a topic of significant discussion, largely resulting from the decision by the Joint Funding Committee to cut all funding for spring break travel last year.

Organizations that have had difficulty raising funds have petitioned Student Senate for the money, and are being heard on a case-by-case basis.

After a discussion about the Senate’s responsiblity to student organizations, specific petitions were heard.The Senate currently funds 50 percent of travel costs for an organization, and is making decisions based on the potential value that the specific spring break trip would bring to the university.

Election bylaws

The specific language regarding bylaw changes is currently being drafted. There will be no limits on campaign funds, however, there will be a limitation on things that can be given out as part of a campaign. There will be a $1 limitation on gifts, and a $500 total spending limit on gifts. The rules that prevent study abroad students and outgoing seniors from voting are currently being reviewed.

Elections timeline

Petitions to run for Senator or an executive position were released last Friday, and petitions can be on paper or online. To run for executive, president, or vice-president, at least 100 signatures are required from across all colleges during the petitioning period. To run for Senator, at least 25 signatures are required from the undergraduate college one is running to represent. Petitions are due March 4.

Money allocations

Allocations were made to the Lacrosse Team and Global Medical Brigades for $8,000 to cover travel expenses, in addition to $2,500 to CMU Bhangra to cover their travel expenses. An allocation of $3,000 was made for the Global Business Brigade for Panama, along with $800 to the Chinese Student Association.