Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Ex Officio Report

At this week’s Senate meeting, Amy Burkert, vice provost for education, and Janel Sutkus, director of institutional research and analysis, presented their respective campus initiatives.

Burkert, who has been at Carnegie Mellon for over 20 years, talked about several university initiatives to promote student wellness and an overall better student experience.

One such initiative, a mini course called Thrive@CMU, which teaches students how to handle stress and take care of their mental health, was introduced to the curriculum this semester.

Sutkus talked about health initiatives within the university and showcased a survey that will be sent to students this year to gauge their sexual, physical, and nutritional health.

Special Allocation: Filmmaking Club

The Carnegie Mellon Filmmaking Club requested funds from Senate to make a short film, Steel Town. Nicholas Hurt, a senior business administration major and president of Filmmaking Club, made the organization’s case in front of Senate.

The Filmmaking Club has received funds from several other sources, including the Graduate Student Association, the Carnegie Institute of Technology, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, and a Kickstarter formed by the organization.

Senate voted to allocate $2,000 to the Filmmaking Club. Steel Town will premiere at the Shot for Shot Student Film Festival, which is hosted by the Filmmaking Club and held during Spring Carnival.

Special Allocation: Public Communications for Researchers

Public Communications for Researchers requested funds from Senate to host a workshop to teach scientists how to present information in a way that the public can easily understand.

The organization will work with The Story Collider, a podcast, to host a workshop to teach scientists skills for communicating complex scientific ideas to laypeople.

In order to promote participation in the event, the event’s organizers will provide transportation to the off-campus venue.

Senate granted Public Communications for Researchers $1,500 to host its event.