Did You Know?

100 years ago: April 18, 1912
The Tartan runs a clip from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a newspaper in Ohio, that features a conversation between a male and female dean about the calendar for the upcoming year. The female dean insists on adding, “Very few of our coeds remain unmarried!” to attract more students.

50 years ago: April 18, 1962
Room draw is upon the students for the ’62–’63 school year and Morewood Gardens boasts new additions. The added wings of Morewood will be ready to be occupied in the fall, so girls can request those rooms during room selection. The first floor is reserved for married couples.

25 years ago: April 21, 1987
Carnegie Mellon is chosen, along with nine other colleges, to be part of a national search for MTV’s next video jockey. Auditions will be held on campus and are limited to 125 students. Twenty-five of those students will be sent on to the next round.

10 years ago: April 29, 2002
A Forum article lambasts the use and abuse of live goldfish by two groups during Spring Carnival. One group operated a “game” involving catching fish in rice paper. The other group of fish was subject to cannibalism and murky water conditions.

5 years ago: April 23, 2007
A well-written critique of all the Spring Carnival bands leaves much to be desired from the headlining artists. The author gives a number of reasons why he wasn’t particularly impressed with the Spring Carnival lineup, but managed to thoroughly enjoy the jazz band.

1 year ago: April 18, 2011
Bad weather plagued the buggy heats, and a crash left only one team able to finish the ninth heat. Finals had to be cancelled, and an ambulance was called after the buggy crash between the Sigma Nu and Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternities.