Did you know?

100 Years Ago:
Feb. 8, 1911
Margaret B. Wilson of the Normal College of the City of New York will be visiting Carnegie Tech this week. Wait, did Dr. Margaret get her Ph.D. in Neutrality? Did she attend Ordinary High School in Bland, Virginia?

50 Years Ago:
Feb. 15, 1961
Carnegie Tech announced plans to build the Alan Scaife Hall of Engineering this week, made possible by a $1.25 million gift. Ah, those were the days when $1 million could actually build something arguably useful. Now all it will get you is a fourth outfielder.

25 Years Ago:
Feb. 4, 1986
A Letter to the Editor bashes an SDC decision to show Rambo to raise money for multiple sclerosis. The author of the letter feels sorry for people who gave money to sit through such a psychologically damaging experience. Reading her letter was pretty damaging to my psyche.

10 Years Ago:
Feb. 5, 2001
Forum writer Sean Mintus makes note of the fact that he enjoys using the word “bastard” in his articles from time to time, which sometimes upsets his editors who don’t like it when he bastardizes his articles with the word “bastard”. Hope you enjoyed this, Sean.

5 Years Ago:
Feb. 6, 2006
A Pillbox writer reminds us that Disney movies still appeal to people our age because they were actually created for adults in the first place. Yeah, sure — next you’re going to try telling me that the “MA” rating doesn’t stand for mandatory viewing...

1 Year Ago:
Feb. 8, 2010
Everyone’s favorite blizzard dumped two feet of snow on Pittsburgh this week, canceling three days of classes. Hopefully, the city will be just as ill-prepared to deal with snow this year as it was last year — I could use a few days off.