BioSAC’s fundraiser at PHI Bar benefits Relay for Life

This Friday, the CFA Lawn will be the site of Carnegie Mellon’s Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a global movement run by the American Cancer Society that involves 3.5 million participants and raises millions of dollars for cancer research each year. At Carnegie Mellon, the relay gives organizations across campus the chance to consolidate their efforts to support cancer research.

The Biological Student Advisory Council (BioSAC) has taken a leading role in raising money for Relay — they are currently in first place among student groups with almost $3,500 collected thus far. As part of their efforts, they partnered with Panther Hollow Inn (most commonly known as PHI Bar) to have $1 from every drink purchased last Saturday night go to their relay fund, and in doing so raised over $600 that night.

PHI Bar and the fight against cancer are rarely placed in the same sentence, or even the same article. So when BioSAC’s “Fight Cancer at PHI Bar” flyers went up around campus, they turned quite a few heads. After all, drinking alcohol isn’t typically considered beneficial to one’s health. Realistically, though, BioSAC’s event, despite its surface irony, is a creative way to raise money for a good cause and partner with a local business.

We think the PHI Bar event was an excellent way to use an activity that many students already do — going to a bar on a Saturday night — to make a positive impact at the university and beyond. It is unlikely that any students who went to PHI for the BioSAC event made any more negative decisions than they might have otherwise. BioSAC’s partnership with PHI acknowledged that a bar on a Saturday night just fits the college lifestyle better than a bake sale on a Monday morning.