Lecture Previews

**Southwestern PA Robotics Cluster Meeting **

Tuesday, Aug. 31, 4:30 p.m. Planetary Robotics Center (Gates Center, first floor)

Various presenters will review a series of national robotics initiatives as the Robotics Roadmap for research.

HCII Seminar Series: Bonnie John

Wednesday, Sept. 1, 4 p.m. Newell-Simon Hall 1305

Bonnie John, assistant professor in the School of Computer Science will discuss bi-directional time travel and other explorations at IBM.

Seminar: Built To Love

Friday, Sept. 3, 11 a.m. McConomy Auditorium (University Center)

Jonathan Cagan, the George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd professor in engineering, and Associate Professor of Marketing Peter Boatwright will preview their new book, “Built To Love: Creating Products That Captivate Customers.”

Throughout the presentation they will discuss case studies that examine how to encourage customers in both customer and business worlds, as well as from both large and small firms.