Did you know?

100 years ago
April 6, 1910
Zeta Lambda Epsilon was founded this year to much fanfare from the campus community. The fact that they are no longer around and I have never heard of such a fraternity that can lead me to assume that ZLE was filled with ghosts.

50 years ago
April 6, 1960
The International Club hosted speakers this week who discussed the following topic: “Is dating a form of mental prostitution?” So that’s why romance is so rare at this school — we just don’t want to be considered mental prostitutes who sell our knowledge on the cheap.

25 years ago
April 2, 1985
Apparently, staff mutilations were growing increasingly popular at Hunt Library, as impatient students were taking out their frustration on workers with the aid of sharp objects. I almost didn’t realize this was the April Fool’s issue — it doesn’t seem too out of character.

10 years ago
April 10, 2000
Student employees were honored this week as many departments gave out Student Employee of the Year awards to a multitude of workers on campus. The students received a pat on the back before the whips came right back out to tell them to begin working again.

5 years ago
April 4, 2005
A Sports article took an in-depth look into the pitching staff of the Pittsburgh Pirates and noted that they would have to rely on strong pitching to win games. As hilarious as that last sentence is by itself, I’d also like to point out that none of the players mentioned in the article are still with the team.

1 year ago
April 6, 2009
A News article told us that the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, where men wore high heels and walk around the Cut to support women’s awareness, would be occurring this week. And if some of the guys just happen to like the way they look, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.