Carnival side concerts bring community together

For this year’s Spring Carnival, many students and alumni geared up for the Black Keys concert on Friday night in Wiegand Gym. Although this was the main advertised musical event, the side stage student-run concerts were hugely successful and deserved more buzz than just the casual Facebook invite. Usually, listeners have to grin and bear it when they attend their friend’s band’s concert or amateur musical event and praise them no matter the quality of their performance. This, however, was not the case with the performers at this year’s Carnival side stage performances.

Last Thursday, in the Kraus Campo connecting CFA to Tepper, student band Monsters! performed for the CFA Beaux Arts Ball, an underground party in celebration of Carnival, and recruited quite an audience. This band consists of Alex Weston, a junior music major, on piano and vocals; Andrew Harrison, also a junior music major, on trumpet; Terence Einhorn, a sophomore social and decision science major, on saxophone; Zack Armentrout, a junior mathematical science major, on the drums; and postdoctoral fellow Dave Conner on bass.
The music played was perfect for the atmosphere, and the musical talent brought forward by our peers was incredible. What is great about Monsters! is the sax and trumpet, which bring individuality and jazz tonality to the music and make the group stand out among other student bands. The music played live at the CFA Beaux Arts Ball really kicked off the party right. The live music, quirky DJs, and favorable weather made partygoers want to stay out all night and forget about school re-starting soon after the weekend.

Last Saturday, in the Midway side tent, A Place in the Sun performed for a short while for all the Booth visitors and Carnival attendees. Although it ended up being a frigid day, students bundled up and trekked out to see their peers perform. The band is composed of Duquesne University students Darren Diederich on vocals and guitar, Derek Cavaliero on guitar, Matt Sonnega on the drums, and Carnegie Mellon senior electrical and chemical engineering major Warren Pryde on bass. The music was a nice addition to the Carnival atmosphere, and while sitting in the audience was a little cold, being there to support fellow students was a great way to get into the Carnival mood.

After the A Place in the Sun performance, the Tim Ruff Trio played at the main Midway tent. Senior music major Tim Ruff performed with his band made up of sophomore social and decision science major Terence Einhorn on sax, junior social and decision science major Evan Halikias on drums, and senior English major Nathan Zoob on lead guitar. The group managed to draw a crowd in the last hours of Friday evening.

Watching these student bands was a very inspiring experience for anyone who went. These students are using their talents to spread music and unite the campus community while simultaneously doing something that they are truly passionate about, and that is what Carnival is all about.