Dollar movie

April 22

Aliens of the Deep
Thursday, April 22
8 10 12
We kick off James Cameron week here at Carnegie Mellon with Aliens of the Deep, a 2005 documentary that saw Cameron team up with NASA scientists to help produce his only film between Titanic and Avatar. Cameron and the scientists use state-of-the-art technology to explore the Mid-Ocean Ridge, an underwater chain of mountains that are home to some of this planet’s most curious species of life, including creatures that do not require sunlight to survive. Freaky, huh? The documentary showcases Cameron’s passion for underwater exploration and his interest in exotic life, both major themes in many of his movies.

April 23

Friday, April 23
7 10 1
The theater is sure to be packed this day as the highest-grossing movie ever (without inflation), Avatar, premieres at McConomy. Even though ticket sales suggest that everyone and their mother has seen the film twice, I’ll give a brief overview. A bunch of semi-known actors and Sigourney Weaver are living and working on the world Pandora trying to mine unobtanium while not trying to annoy the Na’vi, the native species. The winner of three Academy Awards, the movie is a visual masterpiece with stunning views and landscapes. And for those of you who whine about how the story is a carbon copy of Pocahontas, well, shut up, because this movie rocks.

April 24

The Terminator
Saturday, April 24
10 12
Is there any better way to follow up the sci-fi spectacle that is Avatar than with one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever written? Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the titular character in this 1984 classic about a cyborg sent back in time to kill the mother of the man who leads a resistance against sentient machines. We follow Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) as they are relentlessly stalked by the Terminator, who will stop at absolutely nothing to assassinate Sarah. Fun fact: It’s hard to believe that the original film in one of the greatest movie franchises of all time was made for a scant $6.5 million.

April 25

The Abyss
Sunday, April 25
7:15 10 12:45
The Abyss sees James Cameron bringing back Michael Bieh, and adding Ed Harris and a few other unknown actors, to create this excellent adventure flick about what lies deep beneath the ocean. The story follows a civilian oil drilling team as they get involved in a search-and-rescue mission following the sinking of a U.S. submarine that encountered an unidentified life form. Fun fact: It took 7 million gallons of water to construct the massive set where most of the movie was filmed. In fact, the cast spent so much time underwater that they sometimes had to go through decompression to get used to the varying depths.