Campus chic

Exposed-back dresses are sexy and classy, perfect for date night or a Greek formal.  (credit: Prerna Agarwal | Photo Staff) Exposed-back dresses are sexy and classy, perfect for date night or a Greek formal. (credit: Prerna Agarwal | Photo Staff)

The long-awaited spring is here, but who thought getting ready for class could be any harder? Nothing seems good enough, not for Carnival at least, and everyone wants to be up to date with the current fashion trends. Here is a rundown on the hottest spring fashions to make your outfit decisions a little bit easier.

**Short shorts **
As the temperatures are rising, so is the popularity of these hot shorts — smaller than ever. Whether they are high-waisted, frayed, threaded, detailed, or distressed-washed, all kinds are welcomed.

**One-pieces **
The words “jumper” and “romper” are both synonymous with this creative outfit. This is one of the most popular items of clothing for this season. Add prints, bustiers, or ruffles, a little twist and turn, and you just found yourself a great, simple outfit.

Sheer fabric
Peek-a-boo! Add a little lace or tulle fabric to your outfit this spring. Perfect for the weather, these fabrics and details are flirty and cute, and they lighten up your entire outfit.

Now you can dress in all the glam, glitter, and sparkle you want, and it fits the fashion trend. Glam it up from head to toe with metallic clothing accessories. If you think you are not bold enough to work that metallic-toned dress, try wearing funky shoes and a big necklace, or carry a bag with a hint of glitter and sparkle.

Exposed backs
Open your closet, search for anything with an open back, and use it this season. From the popular American Apparel magazines to right here on campus, open-backed clothes are in. Racerbacks, T-backs, plunging backs — there are so many sides to this popular trend.

It isn’t a shock to see the popularity of prints this season. Watercolors, tribal, floral, or safari — all are raging this spring. From jewelry to shorts to dresses, we’ve seen prints all over the high-fashion runways.

Jeans and lots of stripes are always a summer favorite. Invest in a versatile pair of white pants. You’re guaranteed to wear them all the time.

Back to school
Show your school spirit. Usually we prep for back-to-school in August, but this season’s runways have been filled with knee socks, preppy stripes, workout fabrics, and academic blazers. Keep in mind to tone down the masculinity of this trend with a dash of bright color or neat lace.

Caged heels
Last year, the gladiator sandals were undeniably the hottest shoe, but this year, an upgrade is in order. With massive straps and stiletto heels, caged heels have become this season’s must-have.

Ankle flat sandals
Casual and sexy, ankle flat sandals are a lighter and better version of last year’s gladiator sandals. These are rare finds — a trendy shoe that you can also wear to class.

Colors for this season
This season, either go for the unusual purples and yellows or try the neutral tones. If you feel the slightest bit cold, don’t forget to pair your colored ensemble with a universal leather jacket.