Ask the Tartan: Carnival weekend

Credit: Frances Soong | Art Staff Credit: Frances Soong | Art Staff

**1. What would you make your Carnival theme? **
Disney and Pixar Movies. —MP
Zero-Gravity Chamber, like those vertical wind tunnels where you can skydive endlessly. —JWR
My carnival theme would be Robot Attack 2045. —IJ
Pornography. —JK
‘90s TV shows. —CW

**2. If you could make any booth, what would you make? **
A Monsters, Inc. booth, because the world would be awesome if it was powered by laughter. —MP
A six-story booth that I could sleep in. Actually, I would just build an apartment closer to campus. —IJ
I’d like to simply have a booth full of puppies. Live puppies, not fake stuffed or papier-mâché ones. Real live fuzzy cute puppies. —CL
Kissing booth... with porn stars. —JK
I would make a booth that was completely made and full of bubbles. —CW

**3. What is your favorite Carnival ride, and why? **
The Ferris wheel at night. It provides the most beautiful view of the city that we can get from campus. And it makes the Cathedral of Learning look small. Buahaha! —MP
Anything that makes me dizzy! —MD
I don’t like Carnival rides because they don’t have any foundations, and I only like things that are securely cemented into the ground. —CW

4. Are you a Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, and why?
Wouldn’t you like to know? —MK
I am not a Dirty Rotten Scoundrel; I am a Clean Fresh Scoundrel, thank you very much. —IJ
No. —CL
Hell yeah. —MD
More of just a naughty boy with a dirty rotten mind. —JK

**5. What major motion picture would you adopt into a Carnival musical and why? **
Lord of the Rings because I would love to see the members of Scotch’n’Soda as singing dwarves. —JWR
Shawshank Redemption because who wouldn’t want to see Morgan Freeman dance? —NK
The 2009 version of Star Trek because a duet with Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quito would be irresistible. —IJ
Hannah Montana the Movie because I feel as though it would be really well received by the audience. Also, I would enjoy seeing the cast of Scotch’n’Soda do the Hoedown Throwdown. —MD

**6. Booth, Buggy, or Mobot — why? **
Booth! I get to use power tools! —KK
Buggy — gotta love the thrills and spills. —JWR
MoBuggy. What could be better than poorly programmed buggies driving themselves down a hill? —MK
Booth if we can burn them afterwards; Buggy if the drivers are mobots; mobots if they are ruthless killing machines. —IJ

**7. Which band would you bring to Carnival, and why? **
Does Lady Gaga count as a band? Can she pretend to be a band so she can perform? Pretty please?! —MP
The Jackson Five. —IJ
Right at this second, probably Local Natives. —MD

**8. What is your favorite Carnival treat, and why? **
Funnel cake all the way because it’s deep-fried batter covered in powdered sugar, duh! —MP
Fried Oreos. Who doesn’t love your favorite cookie deep-fried and covered in sugar? —SS
Cotton candy! —MD

9. What is your favorite part of the Carnival experience, and why?
Playing in the Kiltie Band’s opening concert. Kiltie Band is a great organization that I am a part of through the entire year. The Carnival opening ceremony is a great way to end the Kiltie Band season while starting a fun-filled weekend. —KK
My favorite part of the Carnival experience is it being over. You undergrads are loud and annoying. —IJ
The Tartan’s live streaming coverage, obviously. —MK

10. If you could bring any comedian to Carnival, who would you bring?
Ellen Degeneres because I think Carnival could always use more spontaneous dancing. —MD
Russell Peters. —SS
Stephen Colbert. —JWR
No J.W., Jon Stewart is way better. —NK

**11. What’s your best Carnival story? **
It’s all a blur... —MP
I just turned 21, so I’ll tell you next year. —SS
So this one time at band camp... —IJ
The CFA lawn party was by far the best part of Carnival. Dancing, costume, and live music! Anyone who claimed the party was “lame” clearly wasn’t in the right mindset. —MD
I worked security shifts all weekend and helped ALLIES paint their booth, but the best part by far was my awesome shiny security jacket. —CW

MP — Maricel Paz | Production Co-Manager **
**JWR — J.W. Ramp | Contributing Editor

IJ — Isaac Jones | Comics Editor **
**JK — Jesse Kummer | Personnel Manager
CW — Courtney Wittekind | News Editor
CL — Celia Ludwinski | Photo Editor
MD — Meela Dudley | Pillbox Editor
MK — Michael Kahn | Forum Editor
KK — Kathryn Kukla | Contributing Editor
NK — Nikunja Kolluri | Production Manager
SS — Shweta Suresh | Editor-in-Chief