Plan for permanent tents pitched by university administration

The tents at the Fence might have started out as a G-20 protest, but they provided the administration with unexpected inspiration and a solution for the housing problem.

Last Tuesday, Kelly Coleman, director of Alternative Campus Housing, announced that the university has decided to erect permanent tents. “We want to accommodate as many students as possible, and maybe even provide housing for some grad students, so we’ve decided to extend the tent housing plan onto the entirety of the Cut. We’re also thinking about converting the Morewood Gardens parking lot into tent housing. We feel that this is a step in the right direction,” she said.

The university plans to have these new tents erected by fall with the hope that students who didn’t make the cut during room selection will be able to live on campus. This new tent housing is being lauded as the greenest student housing in the world. Because the tents use no electricity and have no heating or running water, they will replace Stever House as the housing complex with the highest LEED ranking. Coleman expected a LEED rating of Super-Platinum with Sparkles™.

Students strangely have mixed feelings about the new tents.

“I think they’re a great idea,” said junior mechanical engineering major Sara Greene. “There are a few things to be worked out, like what we’ll do when we get a huge snowstorm, but we can cross that bridge in a blizzard. I’m glad the administration is taking notice of students’ interest in being environmentally friendly, with coffee cups and tents and stuff.”

While many, like Greene, support the new tent dorms, most are willing to admit that the plan hasn’t really been thought through yet.
“What I’d really like to know about is the whole security situation,” said John Wiggins, a sophomore computer science major. “I have six computers, and I’d only want to live in a tent if I knew they’d be, like, safe.”
“I didn’t like the tents at G-20 and I don’t like them now,” said Casey Duran, a senior in business administration. “If they fill up all the open spaces with tents, where am I going to play Ultimate?”

Despite some opposition, the administration plans to begin pitching tents soon. As the kinks continue to be worked out, Coleman invites students to submit feedback to tentdorms@thetartan.org.