Gossip Geek at CMU

Teen heartthrob Gilbert Worthington IV stars in The CW’s Gossip Geek. (credit: Paparazza) Teen heartthrob Gilbert Worthington IV stars in The CW’s Gossip Geek. (credit: Paparazza)

Spotted: The CW announcing their latest project, Gossip Geek, modeled after their popular teen fantasy series, Gossip Girl Who knew that beneath their disarming exterior, dungeon masters and engineers alike could be so scandalous? Rumor has it sex, drugs, and more sex run rampant behind (well, mostly on) their computer screens.

According to Executive Creative Director Terri Bleideas, the series will follow seven students who are “geeky, antisocial, and relatively below the population average of attractiveness, but very intelligent.”

She also said that a hip setting, such as New York in the previous series, wasn’t necessary as geeks are not expected to venture into the real world basically ever.

“It started out as a joke, to make the complete opposite of what the characters on Gossip Girl represent,” Bleideas stated. “But it blossomed into a fantastic concept that will exploit — excuse me, explore — a very non-stereotypical group of people, like on our flagship show, Gossip Girl.”

Gossip Geek will focus on two young men, Frederick van Kamp deBruyker von Pweterschmidt — a “free-spirited computer science major and notorious LAN party animal” — and Gilbert Worthington IV — an electrical engineer with intentions to rule the world (of Warcraft).

Kristen Bell, the narrator for Gossip Girl, will be replaced by Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.

“Getting kicked out of the library, hacking into the school’s main server, and attempting to create a stripper robot are just a few of the big ideas we have in the works,” actor Matthew Settle said. Settle plays a parent named Rufus Humphery on Gossip Girl. “I’m not exactly sure what relevance I have in a show about rich teens, let alone geeky students, but I expect I will play guitar and act idealistic, and most likely lecture people.”

Shooting is set to begin next fall. Carnegie Mellon students, put on your glasses and take out those TI-89s, because this ride is going to get tricky.

You know you’ll like it.


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