Barbie finds work doing odd jobs: tutoring, selling her body

If you saw her you would never guess.

Our conventional image of a Carnegie Mellon computer science major is a short dork in glasses who has no idea how to begin a conversation. But this girl I know is tall, fit, extremely attractive, and an amazing speaker. And a prostitute.

I had been struggling with advanced programming and I needed a tutor; she needed a tutee and some quick cash. Walking into Hunt Library I saw her, a lady who seemed very focused on her education; that is, focused on her education during the day, and spending evenings trolling Craigslist and street corners.

She was a great tutor, motivating and truly inspiring. Then one day, I was in the South Side when I saw my tutor standing on the street in a short, frilly, lacy black dress with high heels on. Her face was caked with makeup and fire-alarm-red lipstick. For days I wondered if it was possible — could my tutor actually be selling her body?

I hadn’t believed the rumors until she confessed her story to me. She told me that there were many men on the Internet, some dying to have her pretend to be their classic, college girlfriend, most just wanting sex, and some fat and ugly who could never look at a woman any other way. She gave me the names of boys on campus that bought her services, but these details are private. If I shared these it would be a scandal.

She said she worked as a prostitute because the university is expensive and the bills need to be covered. She claimed that there were at least a hundred girls like her on campus — each hiding her secret and her client list from the others. The reality is that prostitution still exists as one of the most popular career choices, even if it’s sidelined to the dark corners of society. But if you see that six-foot-tall, gorgeous girl with the 39-inch bust — don’t be surprised, she might be offering you services in programming or pleasure.

Her name was Barbie, and while they might portray her between sheets of cardboard as a plastic computer engineer, now you know that she doesn’t just have a day job.