d’Arte explores worlds of fashion, design, culture

With the conclusion of this year’s Lunar Gala came the release of d’Arte, a new online magazine. d’Arte is managed by Carnegie Mellon students and dedicated to fashion, design, and culture.

The Tartan is excited to welcome a new student publication to campus. We believe increasing the published student voice on campus is always valuable. Carnegie Mellon prides itself on diversity, and a diversity of media is essential to this goal. d’Arte will fill a void in terms of opinion geared towards fashion and design at the university, and it will hopefully flourish in this environment. Carnegie Mellon has an outstanding arts program, and d’Arte will be able to mobilize this base for both content and readers.

We are happy to see that d’Arte has been updating its blog through the launch process. The magazine’s editors and designers have done a good job utilizing new media to gain readers, something that is becoming increasingly important in today’s publishing climate.

Moreover, The Tartan is excited to see the sustainable business approach d’Arte has adopted. By going online first, not only have the editors of d’Arte enabled themselves to create a brand before going to paper, but they will also be able to receive valuable feedback to decide if print is the right choice for the publication.

We encourage students and the campus community to check out d’Arte. We hope that this new publication will engage artists, designers, and the rest of the Carnegie Mellon community.