Changes to Ginger’s disappoint campus community

Credit: Courtney Wittekind/News Editor Credit: Courtney Wittekind/News Editor

While The Exchange isn’t currently known as a campus staple, it might soon be considered one. That's because The Exchange is the new name for Ginger’s Deli, located in Posner Hall.

This is only one of the recent updates to the popular campus eatery. Ginger’s Deli is now painted red and has new tables, new chairs, and a new bar. The register has moved and now sits on an island that extends into the dining space. The specials board is MIA — we anxiously await its return — and the continental maps have been removed from the walls.

Among all of these changes is the name change to The Exchange, which was motivated by an effort to better incorporate the deli with the atmosphere of the Tepper School of Business.

Initiatives to update any part of campus, whether an academic building or busy lunch spot, are always appreciated. However, these changes should have the campus population in mind.

The renovations leave less space for seating, and the new tables that were chosen are smaller than their predecessors. Additionally, a section of the bar was removed, further decreasing the dining space. Finding a table to sit and eat at has become a competition. The cash register that sticks out is awkwardly positioned and complicates accessing the fountain drinks. For students who wait in lines that extend well into the atrium of Posner Hall, these changes seem to have only made logistical problems worse. The changes provide no value in terms of decreasing the wait time to order, and they significantly decrease the amount of space available for dining.

In the future, campus would be better served by involving students in renovations. Although the renovation’s purpose was to make Posner more appealing to corporate visitors, this goal ignored the needs of students. If Housing and Dining Services had spoken with students to find out what changes they would liked to have seen, Ginger’s could have become an even better deli than the one we currently frequent, instead of exacerbating existing problems.

Despite all of these changes, the food and staff will still remain. So while we may have to hunt down a place to enjoy it, each sandwich will be as delicious as ever.