Deeplocal shares successes with students as a part of the ‘Amazing Alums’ panel event

Credit: Thomas Hofman/Assistant Photo Editor Credit: Thomas Hofman/Assistant Photo Editor Credit: Thomas Hofman/Assistant Photo Editor Credit: Thomas Hofman/Assistant Photo Editor

“Deeplocal, Inc. wants to establish a culture that creates good ideas,” said Nathan Martin, the CEO of Deeplocal, as he explained that his company’s goal is to create a compelling user experience. Martin graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University in 1999.

Deeplocal Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based company comprised of artists, designers, and engineers who work together to form collaborations through different mediums. The members take pride in the fact that it is a self-start-up company, as it gives them the freedom to be more creative and actually take part in what they are designing rather than working at a large-scale company. At Deeplocal the artists, designers, and engineers are each connected to every part of the process from start to finish.

Roxy Viray, a fifth-year architecture student, commented, “Their Waffle Wednesdays are a great opportunity to connect with Deeplocal employees and other Pittsburgh innovators to discuss current events [and] new ideas and eat — the waffles were delicious. I was able to talk with a local artist and exchange advice about her installation and my studio project.”

Deeplocal’s process of creating this unique experience is through its use of Gutter Technology. This was a focal point of the discussion as Martin took the audience through many of Deeplocal’s projects.

Deeplocal does not like to complicate orders; instead, the company puts emphasis on solving client’s orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, starting with building a prototype.

When building this way, the team purposefully does not use the newest technology. Rather, the designers look to produce the prototype using the most basic technology and then build their way up.

According to Deeplocal’s official website,, the company is rooted in creating unique and innovative products. “Deeplocal’s culture reflects our roots in the punk rock and art scenes. Our time is split between working with world-class brands, turning our own ideas into products and contributing to the greater arts community. Our client list includes brands like Nike, Volkswagen,, Carnegie Mellon University, and numerous transit agencies across the country.”

Deeplocal has created many interesting and interactive advertisements. For example, when collaborating with Nike Livestrong, the company built a machine that would chalk messages on the road. People could send in a message and the machine would print it along the ground while a picture of the printed message would be sent back to the sender.

“I found out about Deeplocal during the Tour de France last year when their Nike Chalkbot was featured on TV,” said Judy Podraza, a fifth-year architecture student.

“I am proud that CMU alumni are coming up with new, innovative and non-traditional ways of connecting with people through things like text messages that get transformed into chalk messages seen by many. Deeplocal’s designs push the limits of art combined with technology and link the digital with the physical world,” Podraza further commented.

Another interactive advertisement was at the United States versus England soccer game on the opening day of the 2010 World Cup. Fans from both the United States and England could send each other trash-talking messages through soccer balls that were printed with their messages and shot out of a billboard in the other’s country.

Deeplocal inspires innovation by challenging its staff into thinking and problem-solving creatively.