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World leaders meet for G20 Summit

Leaders of the world’s most prominent industrialized nations gathered in Pittsburgh last week to make economic decisions that will impact the economy.

Protesters rally at Fence

The Fence at Carnegie Mellon has traditionally been the meeting spot on campus where students’ voices resonate the loudest.

Rudd speaks of global cooperation

Kevin Rudd, prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, delivered a keynote address to the campus community last Thursday.

Gates commends Carnegie Mellon’s ambition and advancements

“It is an honor and privilege to be involved with Carnegie Mellon,” said Gates in a keynote address to students and faculty.

Panel members focus on the role of art in protests

Performance as a part of protest, a means of communication, and a form of collective democracy were the focus of a panel discussion last Wednesday.

Lee awarded scholarship

Carnegie Mellon student Elaine Lee has been awarded the Vanguard Women in Information Technology Scholarship for her work in math and computer science.

Crime and Incident

The University Police did not submit a crime report this week due to the G20.

Lecture Previews

Alexander Lennon, editor-in-chief of the Washington Quarterly, will focus on global strategic trends and their public policy implications.

Stats speaking

Here are some statistics reflecting what people thought of the weekend.

Campus News in Brief

The infamous Walking to the Sky sculpture will see some construction this week, beginning today.

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